Lodhi Garden Delhi: Ticket Prices, Timings, Nearest Metro Station, Photos, Entry Fee, Opening Time, Closing Day, Online Ticket Booking, Images, Address & Location (2024)

Lodhi Garden Delhi
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About Lodhi Garden Delhi

Lodhi Garden Delhi is a beautiful park in Delhi which lies between Khan Market and Safdarjung Tomb. Lodhi Garden is heaven which seamlessly merges lush green vegetation with majestic architectural marvels dating back to 15th and 16th century. The Lodhi Garden was earlier known as Lady Willingdon Park but after Independence it was renamed as Lodhi Garden. The garden was named after the Lodhi Dynasty which ruled during the 15th century. 

One of the garden’s main highlights is its beautifully landscaped layout, blending well-manicured lawns, towering trees and vibrant flower beds. The Lodhi Garden complex has a tomb of Delhi’s two Sultanate rulers, Mohammed Shah and Sikander Lodhi along with some other structures. The Garden also has two Gumbad i.e. Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad in its complex which is the fusion of Persian and Indian Architectural styles.

Lodhi Garden serves as a cultural and historical hub, making it a favourite destination among tourists and locals alike. Joggers, yoga enthusiasts, art enthusiasts and families. The Lodhi Garden is also a perfect spot for morning and evening exercise routines for the nearby people. The garden’s scenic setting makes it a popular spot for photography, painting and outdoor picnics. The garden also houses a variety of birds, making it a paradise for birdswatcher.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind, admire architectural marvels or simply connect with nature, Lodhi Garden offers an ideal for a family outing as well as it is a perfect spot for those looking for some peaceful time among the refreshing nature. The garden looks breathtaking especially during sunset. The Lodhi Garden is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. 

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Attractions Inside Lodhi Garden Delhi

Mohammed Shah’s Tomb

This is the earliest structure of the Garden. This tomb was built in 1444 by Ala-ud–din Alam Shah as a tribute to Mohammed Shah, the third emperor of the Sayyid dynasty. The tomb has octagonal design, three arched openings which are adorned with intricate stone carvings and showcases a blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. The tomb has eight graves and the one in the centre is told to be the grave of Muhammad Shah.

Sikander Lodhi’s Tomb

This tomb of Sikander Lodhi was built in 1517 by Ibrahim Lodhi, the last ruler of the Lodhi Dynasty. This tomb is a masterpiece of architectural innovation, as it marks the transition from the octagonal style to the square design. Its massive dome is surrounded by chhatris creating an imposing sight. The intricate details on the walls showcase the artistic mastery of the Lodhi Period.

Bara Gumbad

Bara Gumbad is one of the largest tombs within the garden complex. It was constructed in 1490 during the rule of Sultan Sikander Lodhi. This imposing structure takes a square form, crowned by an expansive dome and resides on the northeastern side of Muhammad Shah’s tomb. The interior of the tomb is adorned with stucco work and has captivating paintings. Although there is no identified grave, it is believed that someone with a significant stature is buried inside this tomb.

Shisha Gumbad

Shisha Gumbad is situated adjacent to the Bara Gumbad, it is an interesting blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. Also known as the “glazed dome”, the tomb’s dome was initially covered in blue tiles and from inside it is decorated with flower patterns and inscriptions from the Qurans.

Athpula Bridge

Athpula Bridge is a remarkable structure built within the garden complex. It is believed to be built during the reign of Akbar. It spans the waterways and connects the western and eastern parts of the garden. The bridge is an architectural marvel, known for its eight pillars that support the structure.

Lodhi Garden Delhi Ticket Prices/Entry Fees

There is no entry fees of Lodhi Garden Delhi.

Lodhi Garden Delhi Timings

Lodhi Garden Delhi is open all 7 days of the week from 6 AM to 8 PM.

Best Time To Visit Lodhi Garden Delhi

The ideal time to explore Lodhi Garden in Delhi is during the cool and pleasant winter months from October to March. These months offer a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the garden’s beauty and historic sites.

Lodhi Garden Delhi Photos/Images

Things To Know Before Visiting Lodhi Garden Delhi

  • The garden is open from Sunrise to sunset, the best time to visit it is during early mornings and late afternoon.
  • Entry to Lodhi Garden Delhi is free for all visitors.
  • Wear Comfortable shoes as you have to explore the garden on foot.
  • The garden’s picturesque landscapes and historic monuments make it a photographer’s paradise.
  • You can enjoy a leisurely picnic here.
  • Carry with yourself some water and light snacks, especially if you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time in the park.
  • Using public transport is recommended as limited parking is available near the garden.
  • You can hire a local guide if you want deeper insights into the garden’s history and significance.

Address Of Lodhi Garden Delhi

Lodhi Garden is situated at Lodhi Road, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi.

How To Reach Lodhi Garden Delhi

Lodhi Garden is located at Lodhi Road, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city. You can reach Lodhi Garden Delhi by the following modes of transport:

By Metro: The nearest metro station to the Lodhi Garden Delhi is Jor Bagh Metro Station on the yellow line which is 800m from the Garden. From there, you can easily walk to the Lodhi Garden or take an Auto Rickshaw.

By Bus: The Nearest Bus stop to the Lodhi Garden Delhi is Lodhi Garden Bus Stop which is 100m away from the Lodhi Garden. You can reach the Bus stop by the Bus no. 336, 344, 400, 588, 588A, 745 & 794.

By Cab/Auto: You can easily book a cab or Auto to reach the Garden.

By Personal Vehicle: You can easily reach the Lodhi Garden by your personal Vehicle.

Parking Facility At Lodhi Garden Delhi

Free parking facility is available at the Lodhi Garden Delhi.

Places To Visit Near Lodhi Garden Delhi

Top attractions to visit near Lodhi Garden Delhi are:

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Is Lodhi Garden Delhi free to visit?

Yes, Lodhi Garden Delhi is totally free to visit and has no entry fees.

Is Lodhi Garden Delhi open today?

Yes, Lodhi Garden of Delhi is open all 7 days of the week.

Which metro station is closet to Lodhi Garden?

The nearest metro station to Lodhi Garden Delhi is Jor Bagh Metro Station on Yellow line which is 800m away from the Lodhi Garden Delhi.

Can we eat inside Lodhi Garden Delhi?

Yes, you can bring your own food and eat inside the Lodhi Garden Delhi.

Is Lodhi Garden safe for couples?

Yes, Lodhi Garden is generally considered safe for couples. It’s a popular recreational spot and common place for couple to spend some quality time with each other.

What should I Wear to Lodhi Garden?

It’s recommended to dress modestly and comfortably keeping in mind that you have to explore the garden by walking.

Can we visit Lodhi Garden in Night?

No, Lodhi Garden is not open at night. The Garden is open from sunrise to sunset, and visiting park after dark is not allowed for safety reasons.

How far is Lodhi Garden from Jor Bagh Metro Station?

Lodhi Garden is 800m away from the Jor Bagh Metro Station.

Can I plan a picnic in Lodhi Garden?

Yes, you can plan a picnic in Lodhi Garden of Delhi.

Is Photography allowed inside Lodhi Garden?

Yes, Photography is allowed inside Lodhi Garden. The Garden’s beautiful landscape, historic monuments and serene surroundings make it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.

Is food allowed in Lodhi Garden?

Yes, you are allowed to bring the outside food in Lodhi Garden.

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