Appu Ghar Gurgaon: Tickets Price, Photos, Rides, Timings, Opening Time, Nearest Metro Station, Open Today, Contact Number, Address, Online Tickets Booking, Food Menu, Closing Time & Reviews (2024)

Appu Ghar Gurgaon
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About Appu Ghar Gurgaon

Situated in the heart of Gurgaon, Appu Ghar Gurgaon also known as Oyester Water Park is a renowned amusement park that promises a day full of excitement and fun. This amusement park offers a wide varities of thrilling rides, water attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. The park has an impressive collection of 15+ rides, ranging from exhilarating roller coasters to gentle rides for young children. The water park section of the park is equally appealing with attractions like water slides, wave pools and splash zones providing relief from the intense heat in the summer months.

Appu Ghar Gurgaon isn’t just about rides and slides – it’s a complete entertainment destination. The park also hosts live shows, events and performances, adding to the overall festive atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking heart-pounding adventures or simply looking to spend some qualities time with your loved ones, Appu Ghar Gurgaon offers an unforgettable experience that combines thrills, laughters and cherised memories.

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Rides & Attractions At Appu Ghar Gurgaon

  • Pirate Station: This area is themed around a pirate ship and is specially designed for Children. It features water cannons, fountains and other water based attractions.
  • Wave Pool: This massive pool provides unique experience to its visitors by stimulating ocean waves.
  • Lazy River: This is a slow moving water ride in which visitors sit on Inflattable tubes and float along the river.
  • Monsoon Mania: This is a rain dance area where water splashes on one’s head while dancing on the floor.
  • Dancing Drops: This famous water fountain has a dancing water jets with which people can play and chill.
  • Oh My Gurgaon: This ride drops visitors from a launch chamber into a 45 degree loop from the height of 20 meters at 60 mph speed in just 5 seconds.
  • Typhoon Tunnel: It is a thrilling tube which visitors goes down in the dark tube from almost 40 feet at the speed of 30 kmph and at the end of this tunnel, the visitor drops into a big splash pool.
  • Rapid Racer: This water slide has many lanes in which visitors can race with each other. It has several lanes next to each other where people can slide down together. The water slide has variouss drops and turns which makes it fun and exciting ride for everyone.
  • Cruiser: This ride takes visitor on a twisting and turning journey through water channels.
  • Torpedo: As you jump into the water splash, the body ride will make you feel like you’re flying through the air.
  • Freefall: This 90 feet silde is the tallest and fastest ride of the park which will get your adrenaline pumping.

Food Options At Appu Ghar Gurgaon

There is a restaurant available inside the Appu Ghar Water Park of Gurgaon with a variety of food options available.

Appu Ghar Gurgaon Ticket Prices/Entry Fees

The ticket prices of Appu Ghar Gurgaon for Adults & Sr. Citizens is Rs 999 & Rs 699 for kids.

CategoryTickets Price
Adults & Sr. CitizensRs 999
KidsRs 699

Appu Ghar Gurgaon Online Ticket Booking

The tickets of Appu Ghar Gurgaon can’t be book online as of now.

Appu Ghar Gurgaon Timings

The timings of Appu Ghar Gurgaon on Weekdays is 11 AM to 6 PM and on Weekends is 11 AM to 7 PM. The Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is open all 7 days of the week.

Best Time To Visit Appu Ghar Gurgaon

The best time to visit Appu Ghar Water Park Gurgaon is during summer months, from April to August to get a refreshing escape from the sweltering heat. However, it’s recommended to visit during the weekdays to avoid weekend rush.

Appu Ghar Gurgaon Photos/Images

Facilities At Appu Ghar Gurgaon

Appu Ghar Water Park Gurgaon offers various facilities which are mentioned below:

  • Locker Facility
  • Changing Room
  • Shop for Renting Dress
  • Restaurant & Café
  • Parking Facility

Things To Know Before Visiting Appu Ghar Gurgaon

  1. Outside Food is strictly prohibited.
  2. Smoking, weapons, pets and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the premises.
  3. Please bring swimming clothes(Nylon and Lycra) if you are going to a water amusement park.
  4. Person who has consumed alcoholic beverages will not be allowed to enter the Appu Ghar Water Park.
  5. The rides are not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart diseases, neurological disorders, high blood pressure, or people who have had neck or back injuries.
  6. Avoid heavy food before and after the activity.
  7. The activity might be delayed or postponed due to weather conditions, In these cases, the next best possible time slot will be informed.
  8. Pay attention to the guidelines given by the instructor.
  9. Each participant has to provide their identification at the time of booking. Pan Card will not be considered as valid proof.
  10. At the time of booking, and also arrival, all foreign nationals must provide their passport and visa information.
  11. Please take care of your belongings.

Appu Ghar Gurgaon Address

Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is situated at Appu Ghar Marg, behind Huda City Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana.

How To Reach Appu Ghar Water Park Gurgaon

Appu Ghar is located at Appu Ghar Marg, behind Huda city metro station, sector 29 of Gurgaon. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city and can be accessed by both public and private mode of transportation. You can reach Appu Ghar Water Park from the following modes of transportation:

By Metro: The nearest metro station to Appu Ghar Water Park of Gurgaon is Huda City Metro station on Yellow Line which is around 1.1 km from the metro station. From Huda City Metro Station, you can walk to the park or you can also take a rickshaw to reach the water park.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop to Appu Ghar Water Park is Sector 29 Bus Stop which is 450m away from the water park. You can reach the bus stop by the bus no. 116E or 126.

By Cab/Auto/Rickshaw: You can easily book a Cab, Auto or Rickshaw to Appu Ghar Water Park of Gurgaon.

By Personal Vehicle: You can easily reach here with your personal Vehicle.

Parking Facility At Appu Ghar Water Park Gurgaon

Paid Parking Facility is available at Appu Ghar Water Park in Gurgaon.

Website Of Appu Ghar Water Park Gurgaon

The official website of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is

Contact Number Of Appu Ghar Water Park of Gurgaon

You can contact Appu Ghar of Gurgaon at +91 959 959 5678 or mail them at

Places To Visit Near Appu Ghar Gurgaon:

Top attractions to visit near Appu Ghar in Gurgaon:

  • Kingdom of Dreams (1.2 Km)
  • Leisure Valley Park (1.4 Km)
  • Museo Camera Centre for the Photographic Arts (2.4 Km)
  • Subhash Chandra Bose Park (3.3 Km)
  • Zooper India Trampoline Park (3.7 Km)
  • Shri Mata Sheetla Devi Mandir (6 Km)
  • Museum of Folk and Tribal Art (8.5 Km)
  • Sky Jumper Trampoline Park (8.7 Km)
  • Fun N Food Village (10.6 Km)
  • Surajgarh Farms (11.9 Km)

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Which is the nearest metro station to Appu Ghar Gurgaon?

The nearest metro station to Appu Ghar Gurgaon is Huda City Metro station which is 1.1 Km away from the water park.

How many rides are there in the Appu Ghar Gurgaon?

There are 15+ plus rides in the Appu Ghar of Gurgaon including Oh My Gurgaon, Typhoon Tunnel, Pirate Station, Wave Pool, Rapid Racer, Cruiser, Torpedo, Lazy Ride, Monsoon Mania, Dancing Drops, etc.

What is the ticket prices of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon?

The ticket prices of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is Rs 999 for Adults & Rs 699 for kids.

Is Appu Ghar of Gurgaon open today?

No, Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is closed now.

Can we book the ticket of Appu Ghar Gurgaon online?

The ticket of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon can’t be booked online as of now.

Is Free parking available at the Appu Ghar Gurgaon?

No, Paid parking is available at the Appu Ghar of Gurgaon.

What is the timings of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon?

The timings of Appu Ghar of Gurgaon is from 11 AM to 6 PM on Weekdays & 11 AM to 7 PM on Weekend.

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