Dilli Haat INA: Entry Fees, Timings, Nearest Metro Station, Images, Tickets Price, Location, Foods, Opening Time, Closing Time, Contact Number & Address 2024

Delhi Haat INA
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About Dilli Haat INA

Dilli Haat INA or Delhi Haat INA is a popular open-air food and craft market located in South Delhi. It was established with the aim to promote traditional Indian handicrafts, art and cuisine while providing a platform for local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their talents.

The market is designed like a traditional rural village, with thatched roof cottages representing various states of India. Each cottage serves as a stall where artisans from different regions sell their handcrafted products including textiles, pottery, jewellery, paintings and more. It offers visitors a chance to explore and purchase unique and authentic Indian Handicrafts directly supporting the artisan’s livelihood.

In addition to handicrafts, Dilli Haat INA is also known for its diverse food stalls offering a wide range of regional cuisines from different states of India. From spicy street foods to delicious desserts, visitors have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavours and unique dishes from different regions of the country. The food court offers an immersive culinary experience, making it a favourite spot for both locals and tourists.

Dilli Haat INA also hosts cultural events, musical performances, dance shows and traditional art demonstrations, adding to its vibrant ambiance and celebrating India’s rich cultural heritage. It is a popular destination for shopping, dining and experiencing the diverse cultural tapestry of the country, within a single venue.

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History Of Dilli Haat INA

Dilli Haat INA was established as a joint Initiative by the Delhi Tourism Development Corporation (DTDC), Government of Delhi and NDMC, D.C. (Handicrafts) and D.C. (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Tourism and Govt. of India in 1994. Its primary objective was to promote traditional Indian handicrafts, art and cuisine and to provide a platform for local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their talent. Its concept was inspired by the idea of creating a market which would look like a traditional rural village, where artisans from various states of India would come together to exhibit their exquisite handicrafts and artwork.

Over the years, Dilli Haat has become the venue of crafts, music, dance and cultural festivals. In 2011, India’s first comic convention, Comic Con India was organised at Dilli Haat INA. Apart From Dilli Haat INA, there are two other Dilli Haat. One is in Pitampura, near Pitampura TV Tower, Spreading over 7.2 acres, was also developed by DTDC and was opened to the general public in April 2008. Another one was opened in Janakpuri on 13 July 2014.

Things To Do At Dilli Haat INA

  • Shopping at Dilli Haat: You can explore various stalls and cottages and discover a wide range of Indian traditional handicrafts like ethnic wear, shawls, jewellery, Wall decor, ceramic and pottery crockery, antiques, organic food products, sculptures, paintings, lanterns, etc. Since these handicrafts come directly from the craftsmen, they are more affordable. One of the amazing things is that all the stalls change after every 15 days, therefore you will always get new variety when visiting Dilli Haat INA.
  • Taste Regional Cuisines at Dilli Haat: Indulge in the diverse flavours of India at the food court of Dilli Haat INA. Try a variety of regional dishes and street food specialities from Sikkim’s momos to Nagaland’s Thukpa.
  • Magical Tarot Reading at Dilli Haat: There is a stall where you find a professional tarot card reader who can predict your future and offer guidance on making positive changes in your life.
  • Experience Hand Mehendi and Hair Braiding at Dilli Haat: As you go inside Dilli Haat INA, you’ll see women who can braid your hair and apply beautiful mehendi designs to your hands using Mehendi cones. It’s a fun and popular activity among young girls and women at Delhi Haat.
  • Experience Cultural Performance: Dilli Haat INA often hosts cultural events, musical performances and traditional art demonstrations like flash mob or a nukkad natak, whose aim is to convey a social message. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural heritage of India through dance shows and music concerts.
  • Attend craft workshops: Participate in craft workshops conducted by skilled artisans. Learn traditional techniques and try your hand at creating your own handicrafts.
  • Bargain and Negotiate: Test your bargaining skills while shopping at the stalls and negotiate with vendors which can add to the fun and excitement of your shopping experience.
  • Try Traditional games: Some stalls may offer traditional Indian games and activities. Engage in these fun experiences and connect with the cultural roots of India.
  • Relax in Open Air: Enjoy the outdoors in the market’s rustic ambiance. Stroll leisurely, discover a cosy spot and unwind among the charming thatched roof cottages.
  • Support Social Causes: Show support for social causes by looking out for Unique stalls and exhibitions that support underprivileged communities. By purchasing from these stalls, you can make a positive impact and contribute to meaningful initiatives.

Dilli Haat INA Tickets Price/Entry Fees

The Ticket Price of Dilli Haat INA is Rs 30 for Adults, Rs 20 for Kids (5-12 years) and Rs 100 for foreigners.

CategoryTicket Person
AdultRs 30
Child (5-12 Years)Rs 20
ForeignersRs 100

Dilli Haat INA Online Ticket Booking

The ticket of Delhi Haat INA cannot be booked online and can only be booked offline.

Dilli Haat INA Timings

Dilli Haat INA is open all 7 days of the week from 10:30 AM To 10 PM every day.

Best Time To Visit Dilli Haat INA

The best time to visit Delhi Haat INA is during the cooler months i.e., from October to March. The weather is pleasant during this period and provides a comfortable setting to explore the market’s open air atmosphere.

Delhi Haat INA Photos/Images

Things To Know Before Visiting Dilli Haat INA

  • Delhi Haat INA is usually open daily from 10:30 AM to 10 PM however it’s advisable to check it’s timings before visiting.
  • There is a nominal entry fee for visitors.
  • Most of the stalls and vendors at Dilli Haat prefer cash payments, hence it’s advisable to carry sufficient cash for shopping and dining. Although there is an ATM at the entrance, it’s better to be prepared with liquid cash.
  • Bargaining is common at Dilli Haat and vendors usually expect customers to negotiate the price.
  • Delhi Haat often hosts cultural events, musical performances and traditional art demonstrations. Do check for any ongoing events or festivals during your visit to enhance your experience.
  • The food court of Delhi Haat offers a wide range of regional cuisines. Enjoy the culinary delights and indulge in various traditional dishes from different states of India.
  • Dilli Haat provides a platform for local artisans to showcase their crafts. You can support their livelihoods and help preserve traditional Indian Handicrafts by purchasing from their stalls.
  • Photography is allowed inside Delhi Haat but it’s always good to ask before clicking the pictures of individuals or their products.

Facilities Available At Dilli Haat INA

  • Restroom
  • Seating Area
  • Parking
  • Food Court
  • Handicraft Stalls
  • Cultural events
  • ATM
  • First Aid Kit
  • Shops & Souvenirs

Address Of Dilli Haat INA

Dilli Haat INA is situated at INA Market, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi.

How To Reach Dilli Haat INA

Dilli Haat INA is located at INA Market, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi. It is 29 Km away from Gurgaon and will take 50 minutes to reach from Gurgaon to Delhi Haat INA. Dilli Haat INA is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Following are the modes of transportation through which we can reach Dilli Haat INA:

By Metro: The Nearest Metro Station to Dilli Haat INA is Dilli Haat – INA on the Pink & Yellow Line which is 100 m away from Dilli Haat In INA. From there, you can easily walk to Delhi Haat INA.

By Bus: The Nearest Bus Stop to Delhi Haat INA is Kidwai Nagar Bus Stop which is 260 m away from the Dilli Haat. You can reach the Bus Stop by Bus no. 168, 336, 344, 433, 460, 500, 503, 506, 540, etc.

By Cab/Rickshaw: You can easily book a cab/Auto Rickshaw to the Delhi Haat INA.

By Personal Vehicle: You can easily come with your personal vehicle.

Parking Facility At Dilli Haat INA

Paid Parking facility is available at Dilli Haat INA.

Website Of Dilli Haat INA

The official website of Dill Haat Market INA is Delhi Tourism.

Contact Number Of Dilli Haat INA

You can contact Dilli Haat INA at 011 2611 9055.

Places To Visit Near Dilli Haat INA

Top attractions to Visit near Dilli Haat INA are:

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Location Map Of Dilli Haat INA


What is the entry fee for Dilli Haat?

The entry fees for Dilli Haat is Rs 30 for Adults, Rs 20 for kids & Rs 100 for foreign Nationals.

Is Dilli Haat INA Closed on which day?

Dilli Haat is open all 7 days of the week from 10:30 AM to 10 PM.

Why is Dilli Haat famous for?

Dilli Haat is famous for promoting traditional Indian handicrafts, diverse cuisines, and cultural experiences.

How far Dilli Haat INA from the metro station.

Dilli Haat INA Metro station is situated just opposite the Dilli Haat INA Market, the distance would be around 100 m.

Can we bargain at Dilli Haat?

Yes, bargaining is common and acceptable at Dilli Haat. Visitors can negotiate prices with the vendors while shopping for handicrafts and other products.

How many Dilli Haat are there in Delhi?

There are three Dilli Haat in Delhi, first one is in INA, second one is in Pitampura and third one is in Janakpuri.

Is Dilli Haat expensive?

The pricing at Dilli Haat is generally affordable and reasonable, making it accessible for visitors to enjoy the diverse offerings of traditional crafts and cuisines.

What is the opening & closing time of Dilli Haat INA?

The opening time of Dilli Haat is 10:30 AM and its closing time is 10 PM.

Which is the nearest metro station to the Dilli Haat INA?

The nearest metro station to the Dilli Haat INA is Dilli Haat INA metro station on Pink & Yellow line.

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