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Heritage Transport Museum
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About Heritage Transport Museum

The Heritage Transport Museum is India’s Major Museum dealing with the history of human transportation. It is located at Tauru (Taoru) in the Gurgaon district of the state of Haryana. The collection focuses on the development of transport in India. It has 95,000 square feet of exhibition galleries displaying an immersive collection of vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other modes of transportation. It became India’s largest private museum when it opened in 2013.

The mastermind behind the creation of the Heritage Transport Museum is Tarun Thakral, who has a passion for collecting vintage and classic vehicles. His deep passion for conserving India’s transportation history led to the establishment of this remarkable Museum. The Museum has over 75 exhibits and more than 100 vehicles on display including a 1930 Rolls Royce Phantom II, a 1924 Ford Model T, a 1950 Buick Super Convertible and many more.

Apart from the vehicles, the museum also has exhibits that showcase the evolution of road, rail and air transportation in India. There is a section dedicated to the Indian Postal Service which displays an old post boxes, stamps and other postal artifacts. The Museum also has a section on the Indian Army’s transportation history also including vehicles used during the wars.

Overall, the Heritage Transport Museum is a Unique museum that offers a glimpse into the rich history of transportation in India. It is a must visit for anyone interested in vintage and classic vehicles and transportation history. The museum’s dedication to education and research makes it a valuable resource for scholars and researchers.

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Collections In Heritage Transport Museum

The Heritage Transport Museum is home to an Impressive collection of Vintage & Classic vehicles. The collection of Museum is divided into 12 different categories representing different aspect of transportation History in India. Some of them are:

  • Automobile Gallery: This Gallery shows the evolution of the Indian car Industry and the cars which have been used in India since the introduction of automobiles. There are around 75 vintage and classic cars on display. There is also a vintage petrol pump with spare parts. There is a special section showcasing the role of cars in Bollywood. There is also a film on transportation screened in this mini auditorium.
  • Pre-mechanised Transportation: This section begins with the story of the wheel. It has palanquins, howdahs, bullock carts, horse carriages and camel carts on display. It also has various decorative objects such as Carriage lamps, carbide lamps and palanquin finials.
  • Heavy Mechanised Transportation: This section of the museum is designed like a bus depot displaying restored buses, vans and exhibits on tramways. The gallery shutters are decorated with bright and colorful Truck Art showcasing floral patterns and an electric mix of decorative metals. 
  • Railways: There is a 1930 restored railway saloon from BBCI Railway. It also displays the models of popular locomotives and memorabilia which also includes original posters, train tickets, lamps and railway maps.
  • Aviation: This section of the museum shows the history and evolution of the Indian aviation industry. It displays early models of aircrafts used in India, original posters, timetables and advertisements. It has a restored 1940s Piper J3C Cub aircraft in signature chrome yellow which is suspended in Mid-air.
  • Two-Wheelers: This gallery showcases the evolution of early two wheelers in India including bicycles, Scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. It displays phat-phat, chakhda, jugaad and ganesha, etc. 
  • Toys: This section of the Museum has toys made of wood, tin and die cast which are all made by Indian manufacturers. 
  • Historical Collections: The Museum has various historical collections such as old postcards, bills, receipts, license copies, automobile spare parts in original boxes. It also has vintage vehicle advertisements from old Indian dailies and magazines, etc. 
  • Maritime: The gallery shows the history of India’s inland waterways and models of boats, navigational maps, etchings, etc.
  • Contemporary Art Gallery: It features a diverse collection of Contemporary artworks from established Indian Artists.
  • Tribal Art: It features a diverse array of traditional artworks from across India’s Tribal community. It gives an insight of the Unique Cultural Practices and artistic traditions of these Tribal Community.
  • Rural Transportation: It features a range of Vehicles such as Bullock Carts, Horse Drawn carriages and traditional boats which were once the primary modes of transportation for rural Communities. 
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Heritage Transport Museum Tickets Price/Entry Fee

The ticket price of Heritage Transport Museum for Adults is Rs 400, Rs 200 for children (3-12) & students with valid ID and Free for disabled person and children under 3 years old.

CategoryTickets Price
AdultsRs 400
Children (3-12)Rs 200
Children (0-3) & DisabledFree
Students Rs 200

Timings Of Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum Gurgaon is open all 7 days of the week (except Monday) from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Heritage Transport Museum Photos/Images

Things To Do At Heritage Transport Museum

  • Take a walk around the museum and explore the museum’s collection of vintage cars including cars, motorcycles, truck and more.
  • Visit the Contemporary and Tribal art Gallery to see Unique artwork from India and around the world.
  • Take a Guided tour of the Musuem to learn more about the exhibits and history of transportation in India.
  • Bring a Camera with Yourself as you will get a lot of chance to click a photo with beautiful Vintage car.
  • Enjoy Delicious snacks at the Museum’s restaurant which serves variety of tasty Indian and International Dishes.
  • Visit a Museum gifts shop and buy a souvenirs and other items related to Transportation and Indian Culture.

Address Of Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum is located at Bilaspur-Tauru Road, Tauru Chowk, Harayana.

How To Reach Heritage Transport Museum

The Heritage Transport Museum is located in Tauru, about 45 km from Gurgaon and 70 km from New Delhi. You can reach the Museum by the following Ways:

By Metro: Nearest Metro to Heritage Transport Museum is Sector 55 & 56 Metro Station on yellow line which is 38 kms away from the Museum. From there, You can book a cab to Museum.

By Bus: You have to take bus to Sohna and then to Tauru. From there, you can take a Auto Rickshaw and cab.

By Cab: You can easily reach the Museum by Cab.

By Personal Vehicle: You can come with your personal Vehicle.

Parking Facility At Heritage Transport Museum

Free Parking is available at Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon.

Website Of Heritage Transport Museum

The website of Heritage Transport museum is www.heritagetransportmuseum.org

Contact Number Of Heritage Transport Museum

You can contact the Museum at +91 987 166 7018 and +91 11 2371 8100 or mail them at info@heritagetransportmuseum@org

Places To Visit Near Heritage Transport Museum

Top Attractions to visit near Heritage Transport Museum:

  • NeverEnuf Garden Railway (4 Km)
  • Baba Mohan Ram Kholi Dham (16 Km)

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Which is the Metro Station to the Heritage Transport Museum?

Nearest Metro to Heritage Transport Museum is Sector 55 & 56 Metro Station on yellow line which is 38 kms away from the Museum.

Who is the founder of the Heritage Transport Museum?

Tarun Thakral owns the Heritage Transport Museum in Tauru.

What is the Timings of Heritage Transport Museum?

It is open all 7 days of the week (except Monday) from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Is Heritage Transport Museum Open Today?

It is open on all 7 days of the week except Monday.

Is there parking available at the Transport Museum?

Yes. There is a free parking available in the Heritage Museum.

Which is India’s Largest Private Museum?

Heritage Transport Museum is India’s largest private museum.

Is Heritage Transport Museum Good Place for School Picnic?

Yes, it is one of the best place for school Picnic. The Price of the ticket per student is Rs 200 and Teachers are given free entry.

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