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ISKCON Temple Bangalore: Timings, Photos, Nearest Metro Station, Aarti Timings, Rooms, Opening Time, Images, Food Timings, Entry Fees, Closing Time, Address, Distance, Contact Number & Location 2024

ISKCON Temple Bangalore
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ISKCON Temple Bangalore, also known as Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple is one of the largest ISKCON temples in the world. Located on Hare Krishna Hills in Rajajinagar area, Bangalore, this temple is dedicated to Hindu God Radha Krishna. It was Inaugurated in 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma, the former President of India. It was built to honour the birth anniversary of Sri Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, under the guidance of Madhu Pandit Dasa.

The ISKCON temple is famous for its religious importance and beautiful architecture. Inside the temple, it has shrines of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha. The temple’s main attractions are the ISKCON Vedic Theatre, along with a Vedic museum and exhibition area. The temple also has a lush green garden filled with beautiful flowers, adding to its charm. The temple’s hall “Hari Naam Kirtan” spread over an area of 10,000 square feet, has a terrace and is decorated with exquisite paintings.

The temple hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, attracting devotees and visitors from diverse backgrounds. ISKCON Bangalore also hosts social and charitable activities such as educational programs and food distribution. The temple is also a place for worship, meditation and spiritual teachings, and arranges daily rituals, devotional singing (kirtans) and lectures on ancient scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita.

Visitors of ISKCON Temple Bangalore can join guided tours, attend talks and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the temple grounds. ISKCON Bangalore is a significant place for both spiritual seekers and tourists.

Credit: All About India

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was officially registered in 1978 under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. In 1987, the leaders of ISKCON asked the Bangalore Development Authority for land to build a temple. They were given a 7-acre piece of land on a hill with a large rock.

Even though the land wasn’t ideal for building, a wonderful temple was constructed with the support of Sri Jagat Chandra Dasa and Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa. The ISKCON Temple of Bangalore was inaugurated in May 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma, who was India’s ninth president.

The ISKCON temple is very impressive and one of the biggest ISKCON temples worldwide. It’s designed in a neo-classical style with a mix of modern and traditional styles. The temple features a 17-metre-tall flag post covered in gold and a 28-foot-tall gold-plated Kalash.

The temple offers a calm and peaceful location with beautiful views. Its architecture reflects the classic Dravidian style, seen in pyramid-shaped towers (gopurams) and detailed stone carvings showing scenes from Hindu mythology and the Bhagavad Gita.

The entrance of the temple has ornate arches and lit-up water features which leads to the decorated Rajagopuram, which is the main shrine. Inside the sanctum it has beautifully adorned statues of Radha and Krishna, along with altars of other deities.

Credit: The Mukul Vlogs
  • Darshan: Take part in the temple’s darshan which involves viewing the beautiful deities and seeking their blessings.
  • Attend Spiritual Discourses: Participate in the enlightening spiritual discourses and talks organised at the temple.
  • Participate in Aarti: Join the daily aarti ceremonies, which are a significant part of temple rituals.
  • Explore the Temple Complex: Wander through the temple complex which houses several shrines, a goshala (cow sanctuary), a Vedic museum, an amphitheatre and exhibition halls.
  • Enjoy prasadam meal: The temple offers a free vegetarian meal (prasadam) to all visitors every day. The prasadam is prepared fresh daily and is offered to the deities before being served to devotees.
  • Attend a cultural program or lecture: The temple frequently hosts cultural programs, lectures and workshops on various topics related to Hinduism, yoga and meditation. These programs are a great way to learn more about Hinduism and Indian culture.
  • Engage in Bhajans and Kirtans: Participate in uplifting bhajans and kirtans held regularly at the temple.
  • Volunteer Services: Offer your services as a volunteer in various activities and events organised by the temple. It has various activities such as helping with cooking prasadam, cleaning the temple or assisting with administrative tasks.
  • Visit the Gift Shop: Explore the temple’s gift shop to purchase spiritual books, souvenirs, and devotional items.

The ISKCON Temple in Bangalore is known for its delectable and sattvic (pure vegetarian) food offerings, known as prasadam. The food (prasadam) is prepared with fresh and wholesome ingredients, following strict hygiene standards in the temple’s kitchen. The temple offers a daily free lunch prasadam for visitors from 11:30 AM to 2 PM. The menu features a diverse array of South Indian delights such as dosa, idli, vada as well as rice-based dishes like pulao and biryani. The food is not only tasty but also spiritually enriching, as it is offered to Lord Krishna before being served to visitors.

The temple’s dining experience is communal and affordable, allowing devotees and visitors to enjoy a wholesome meal in a serene environment, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection. Whether dining at the temple, guests can relish the prasadam with gratitude and reverence.

There are no entry fees at ISKCON Temple of Bangalore. Entry is totally free at ISKCON Bangalore !!

The timings of ISKCON Temple Bangalore during Weekdays (Mon-Fri) are from 7:15 AM to 1 PM and 4:15 PM to 8:20 PM and on Weekends (Sat & Sun) is from 7:15 AM to 8:20 PM. The opening time of ISKCON Temple Bangalore is 7:15 PM and its closing time is 8:20 PM.

4:30 AMMangala Aarti
4:45 AMSri Tulasi Puja
5 AMSri Narasimha Aarti
5:10 AMSuprabhata Seva for Sri Srinivasa Govinda
5:30 AMNitya Shodasha Upachara Puja & Japa Meditation
7:15 AMShringara Darshana Aarti & Guru Puja
8:30 AMLecture on the Srimad-Bhagavatam
12:30 PMRajbhog Aarti
4:15 PMDhupa Aarti
6:45 PMSri Tulasi Puja
7 PMSandhya Aarti
8:15 PMShayana Aarti

ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Bengaluru has a guest house ‘Yatri Nivas’ where visitors can enjoy spacious, well-furnished rooms allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the deeply spiritual ambiance of the temple. Surrounded by the temple’s vibrant activities, guests can also experience the divine mantras being chanted throughout the day.

  • Yatri Nivas features 70 rooms, each equipped with a dresser, cupboards and 24/7 hot water supply.
  • The guest house can accommodate groups of all sizes, offering options such as doubles, triples, family suites, semi-dormitories and dormitories.
  • Guests have access to Wi-Fi and on-campus parking facilities.
  • Yatri Nivas is wheelchair-accessible and also provides a stretcher for guests who may require them.
  • It has 24/7 security ensuring a peaceful and secure stay for all guests.

Guests at Yatri Nivas can engage in the temple’s daily worship schedule and spiritual activities. They can also participate in guided tours of the temple premises, interact with temple devotees and even visit the Akshaya Patra kitchens.

  • Wheel Chair and Elevator
  • Parking Facility
  • Drinking Water
  • Toilet
  • Security
  • Restaurant
  • Footwear Stand
  • Yatri Nivas (Guest House)
  • Prasadam Distribution
  • Library
  • Gift Shop
  • It’s recommended to wear attire that covers shoulders and knees out of respect for the spiritual environment.
  • Shoes are not allowed inside the temple complex. Remove your footwear before entering the temple complex.
  • Some areas inside the temple may have restrictions on taking photographs.
  • Maintain a peaceful and respectful demeanour inside the temple. Avoid loud conversations and be mindful of others who are engaged in prayers or meditation.
  • Be respectful of the temple’s customs, practices, and beliefs. Observe and participate in activities with an open mind and heart.
  • The temple organises various charitable initiatives such as food distribution or educational programs. You can support these efforts if interested.

ISKCON Temple of Bangalore is situated at Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Rd, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

ISKCON Temple of Bangalore is situated at Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Rd, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is located 9 Kms from Bangalore City Centre. It is easily accessible from all modes of transportation i.e. both public and private modes of transportation. Following are the modes of transportation through which you can reach the ISKCON Temple Bangalore:

By Metro: The Nearest Metro Station to ISKCON Temple Bangalore is Mahalakshmi Metro Station on Green line which is 450m away from the temple. From there, you can take a cab or walk to the temple.

By Bus: The Nearest Bus Stop to ISKCON Temple Bangalore is ISKCON Temple Bus Stop which is 200m from the temple. You can take Bus No. 78-A, 401-B, 401-C, 401-K, K-2, KIA-10 & MF-401KB.

By Rail: The Nearest Railway Station to ISKCON Temple Bangalore is KSR Bengaluru City Junction which is 5 Km from the temple. From there, you can take bus or cab to reach the temple.

By Air: The Nearest Airport to ISKCON Temple Bangalore is Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru which is 32 Km away from the temple. From there, you can take cab or bus to reach the temple.

By Cab: You can easily reach ISKCON Temple by cab.

By Personal Vehicle: You can come ISKCON Temple with your personal vehicle

Ample space for Parking within the temple complex.

The official website of ISKCON Temple Bangalore is

You can contact ISKCON Temple of Bangalore at 802 347 1956 or mail them at

Top attractions to visit near ISKCON Temple of Bangalore are:

  • Orion Mall (850m)
  • Shri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple (850m)
  • Mari Tirupathi Sri Srinivasa Gudi (900m)
  • Shri Kadu Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple (3 Km)
  • Dr. Rajkumar Memorial (3.2 Km)
  • Jaya Prakash Narayana Park (4 Km)
  • Mantri Square Mall (4.1 Km)
  • Lulu Mall (4.3 Km)
  • GT World Mall (4.6 Km)
  • Gandhi Bhavana (5.2 Km)
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (5.6 Km)
  • Fun World Amusement Park (6.1 Km)
  • Freedom Park (6.3 Km)
  • Snow City Bengaluru (6.4 Km)
  • National Gallery of Modern Art (6.4 Km)
  • Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park (6.6 Km)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium (6.8 Km)
  • Bengaluru Fort (7.3 Km)
  • Jodi Sri Muneshwara Swamy Temple (7.4 Km)
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace (7.5 Km)
  • Bengaluru Palace (7.7 Km)
  • Cubbon Park (7.7 Km)
  • C.S.I St. Mark’s Cathedral (8.1 Km)
  • Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (8.3 Km)
  • Sri Subrahmaya Swamy Temple (8.5 Km)
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden (8.8 Km)
  • Ancient Shri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Swamy Temple (8.8 Km)
  • Sri Karya Siddhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple (8.9 Km)
How many ISKCON Temples are there in Bangalore?

There are currently 8 ISKCON temples in Bangalore. These include the Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Sri Guruji Ashram, Sri Jagannath Mandir, ISKCON Hare Krishna Hill, ISKCON Whitefield, ISKCON Rajajinagar. Additionally, two new temples are being built in the city – one is in HSR Layout and another at Kadugodi.

What is the entry fee for the ISKCON Temple of Bangalore?

There is no entry fees for ISKCON Temple of Bangalore.

Which God is in ISKCON Temple?

ISKCON temples primarily worship Lord Krishna along with Radha.

What is the Special about Iskcon Temple Bangalore?

ISKCON Temple of Bangalore or Sri Radha Krishna Temple is famous for its stunning architecture, spiritual ambiance and cultural activities. It features a magnificent main shrine housing beautiful deities of Radha and Krishna. The temple also offers engaging programs, festivals and spiritual talks, attracting devotees and visitors alike.

Does ISKCON offers free food in Bangalore?

Yes, ISKCON temples in Bangalore offer free vegetarian food daily to its visitors. This food is called prasadam and is served from 11:30 AM to 2 PM.

Is ISKCON Bangalore worth visiting?

Yes, ISKCON Bangalore is definitely worth visiting for its beautiful architecture, serene ambiance and spiritual atmosphere.

Is photography allowed in ISKCON Bangalore?

No, Photography is not allowed inside the ISKCON Temple Bangalore.

Which is the Nearest Metro Station to ISKCON Bangalore?

Mahalakshmi Metro Station on Green Line is the Nearest Metro Station to ISKCON Bangalore.

How much time is required to visit ISKCON Bangalore?

It might take around 2-3 hours to visit ISKCON Bangalore.

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